Live in carers for elderly help whole family

Home is where you want to be, whatever your age and whatever it takes to maintain your precious independence

That is why 24 hour, live-in care is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable choice for those elderly or disabled people, who can no longer cope with living at home, often alone

A live-in carer will provide reassuring continuity and companionship with all the comforts of home, where life can go on with a reliable normality

Why consider live-in help?

So often when we think care, we rarely think past the basic needs of living: a wash, clean clothes and a microwave meal that might be achieved with a carer popping in for two or three visits a day

However, with a live-in carer companion, these basics become just that, so basic that we take them for granted, just like we may have done just a short time ago. With a live-in carer providing normality at home, the focus of the day can move to more life-enhancing and fulfilling activities, like planning a meal and enjoying it together, with plenty of time for genuine conversation

The smallest pleasures can be enjoyed like opening a window for a few minutes when the sun comes out and knowing it can be closed again, or knowing that you haven’t got to ask your daughter to buy her own birthday card and then she pretend it is a surprise

Doctors and other appointments no longer have to have the meticulous planning and disruption to a family members day if you are cared for by a live-in carer as they are on hand to make the necessary arrangements and provide advocacy support if needed

With the companionship of a live-in carer who becomes well known to you, much bigger opportunities become available, such as visits to friends and social groups, popping out shopping, or visiting a garden centre

Having friends over for lunch and being able to serve a freshly prepared home cooked-meal, or even going on holiday, all become possible. Having these things to look forward to, knowing it is possible, practical and can happen, can be truly life enhancing
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