Adjusting your Bedroom for your Elderly parents

As we age, everyday tasks we once performed without a second thought become more and more difficult. Whether you need to get in and out of bed, use the toilet, or take a bath—any and all of these can suddenly require more energy or mobility than we can summon

When this happens, we can feel a great loss of independence, confidence and sense of self-worth, which can ultimately damage our overall quality of life

Many older people around the world find their children, or grandchildren, ask them to live with them and care for them. This is a kind gesture and requires some self-sacrifice, but it is also a considerable commitment: takes time, money, and a complete restructuring of your entire life

Adjusting your Bedroom

Your elderly parent might find using a standard bed uncomfortable, whether because they can’t sit or stand by themselves, or because they struggle to get into a comfortable position on a basic mattress. Adjustable beds can revitalise an elderly parent’s sleeping patterns: they allow the user to change the height of the bed, the position of the mattress and provide various alternatives to simply lying on a flat level

This can also provide a huge benefit to people who need to spend much of their time in bed, as if allows them to find comfortable new positions whilst reducing the pressure on one part of the body from time to time, preventing painful bed sores

Installing a Stair Lift

Stair lifts are a perennial favourite for elderly people, as they provide simple-to-use, safe mobility assistance which still allows them to maintain some independence

These reduce the potential dangers posed by trying to climb or descend stairs unassisted (falling down stairs is a common cause of serious injury amongst the elderly)

If you are caring for your ageing parent, a stair lift allows them the freedom to move from one floor to another on their own, whether they want some time to themselves or if you’re busy with other tasks

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