Enhancing your Lounge for best Elderly care

For the very infirm, simply getting in and out of their favourite chair can be a cause for anxiety and discomfort—whether arthritis or weakness is to blame, this can be much more difficult than some of us may ever believe possible

Riser recliner chairs, however, can be added to your living room or lounge to help your parent sit and stand with ease, preventing the aches, pains and strains that may be caused from having to exert themselves
As they’re remote-controlled, riser recliner chairs offer a similar degree of versatility as adjustable beds do, allowing the user to find the right position for their needs, ideal for those who sit for long periods

Riser recliners shift to ease the sitter into a standing position, removing the need for them to support their own weight (which may be difficult or even impossible). Other adjustments may need to be made to your lounge or living room to make your ageing parent more comfortable and welcome, such as installing grab bars beside their chair to help them steady themselves upon standing, as well as clearing coffee tables and other furnishings to allow room for their walking frames

As mentioned earlier, caring for an elderly relative is a huge commitment which will change your entire life, but it can be made easier thanks to modern technology. Adapting your home is just one change that needs consideration and planning, while there are many resources and organisations able to help you prepare for the more complex areas of this transition

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