Help our elderly after surgery

Increasingly you hear of people delaying and even cancelling appointments to have routine surgery due to their having a dependent relation who can not be left at home alone

The worry of placing that relation in respite care and the confusion and unsettling effect it will have, is enough to make people suffer in silence, rather than getting the surgical help they need
Bringing a live-in carer companion into this situation would have a most positive outcome for both people. Familiar routines at home can continue, while the person in hospital can be free to concentrate on themselves and their own recuperation
The carer companion could then stay on for an extra period to allow recovery at home to be easier with support
Respite Care
The pressures of caring for a loved one, when days and weeks quickly run into months, can be enormous and no-one should feel guilty about taking a few days away to recharge their batteries
Engaging a live-in carer companion, who will be able to step in for a short period of time means that a short break or holiday, is a realistic possibility
Going away knowing that your loved one has not had to embrace any change to where or how they live and can still sit in their favourite chair can really help a carer have a proper break and come back genuinely refreshed
Having a new companion to talk and a little pampering can, in many cases, also be refreshing for the person who stays at home
When considering all the care options available, live-in care with companionship can easily provide the best quality of life when considering not just basic support, but all the little things which enhance lives and bring a smile to the face
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