take care to your elderly parents skin in the sun

Skin problems are common among the elderly. Some skin conditions are considered a normal part of aging, while others may indicate an underlying health problem. Here are how to take care to your elderly parents skin in the sun

It is very important to ensure that your parent’s skin is not exposed to the sun for long periods, as this can lead to sunburn and potentially, the risk of skin cancer.If you have moles or brown patches on your skin, they usually remain harmless. However, if they bleed, or change size, shape or colour, show them to your parent’s GP immediately. Also check your parent’s back for them, as many skin cancers on older people go unnoticed, because they cannot see them themselves

Whenever they go in the sun, they should use sunscreen of at least sun protection factor (SPF) 15 , applying it generously and topping up regularly if they are  outside for a while

They must remember to apply it to ears and any bald patches. Wearing a hat makes a big difference

They should also wear sunglasses to protect their eyes, ideally ones with a CE mark and UV400 label, so that your parent know they give 100 per cent UV (ultraviolet) protection

They should also use a moisturiser, which can help keep their skin from excessive dryness

They should not forget, however, that some sun is good for all of us and it is essential to get out into the light for the production of Vitamin D. To supplement Vitamin D, which the government recommends for people over 65, it is a good idea to eat salmon, mackerel, eggs and fortified margarine
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