tips to keep older people cool in heat

It’s been a long winter, but, but now we’ve hit the hot weather and this can present a risk to health for older people, who can be particularly susceptible to heat-related illness

Top tips to avoid heat-related illness

Persuade your elderly relative to stay out of the heat and not to spend long periods sitting, or working outside during the hottest time of the day, usually between 11a.m. and 3 p.m.

If they do go out,they should wear a hat and stay in the shade as much as possible

If  travelling by car or public transport, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water to keep hydrated

Your ageing parent should avoid strenuous activity in the heat and limit activities like housework and gardening to the early morning, or evening, when it tends to be cooler
Inside their home, it really does help to keep curtains and blinds closed in rooms that catch the sun, as light generates heat

If it is safe, your parent could leave a window open at night when it is cooler. Fans can help sweat evaporate, but do not cool the air itself

Encourage your parent to wear loose, lightweight, light-coloured, cotton clothing and to take regular cool baths, or showers

Splashing their face with cool (not very cold) water, or placing a damp cloth, or scarf on the back of their neck will help them cool off

Heat exhaustion can have the following symptoms: headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, pale skin, heavy sweating and a raised temperature.If your parent has any of these symptoms, you should find a cool place and loosen tight clothes

drink plenty of water or fruit juice, sponge them with cool water or get them into a cool shower

Heatstroke can develop if heat exhaustion is left untreated,but it can also develop suddenly and without warning. The symptoms  include hot and red skin, headaches, nausea, intense thirst, a high temperature, confusion, aggression and loss of consciousness. Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition, so if you are worried, call 999 immediately

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