Using technology and others may benefit in Elderly care

Dressing and undressing

Arthritic hands can make it more difficult to do and undo buttons, zips and laces
Ask your parent’s GP for a referral to occupational therapist, who can help with exercises and physical aids for assistance
There are many useful types of assistive clothing you can buy, from wide pop socks, to velcro slippers, which your parent might be able to manage more easily

Using technology

Using technology to help keep your parent happy at home can be very effective
iPads and other digital tablets can be very useful for your ageing parent. They can  use them to do online shopping, which their carer or relative can also help them with browsing and choosing and also for Skype
Skype is a great way to keep in touch with your ageing parent if you live a distance away

Get other people involved

Don’t be afraid to ask neighbours and friends to help. Often they are willing to call in on your parent, ring them up, or help with their shopping and chemist prescriptions

Some might also take food in. You can also enrol in the Casserole Club, which pairs your elderly relative up with a local family, who will cook an extra portion of their family dinner and take it round
Grandchildren might like to pop round and help their grandparents do their weekly on-line food shop and other shopping and social interaction they can do with their computer

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